'The Michael Matthews Foundation' (MMF)

... was established following Mike's death whilst descending from the summit of Mount Everest.

At May 1999 Michael (22) was the youngest Briton to have summited the mountain.

Michael Matthews was cheerful, hard-working and modest. Wherever he was, there was laughter. He is much-loved and is greatly missed by  family and friends and he always will be.

Our Work

Mike's Foundation  helps  to  provide an education to children who are unlikely otherwise  to receive one. This, all over the world.

A lot of effort goes into routing every penny directly to the benefit of the children.

Usually, MMF constructs the school buildings. The Foundation favours providing tangible assets which perform year after year after year and so represent value for money.

Mike's brother James and family and friends raise much of the money by various events - and this website now seeks to describe a bit of all of this...